Having been incorporated in 1998, UFASER machinery has enhanced its position in the sector in a short while, by producing spare-parts meeting the requirements of the companies via cutting-edge technology CNC milling and lathe machines.
In the developing world-markets, competition requires more serious and burdensome responsibilities.
At this point, we, as UFASER, we have been, and are now conducting with the awareness that we are the solution partner of our customers all the time, and that we are the key link of the supply chain as well.
UFASER has become well-known by rendering its customers a quality service, fiduciary cooperation, affordable solutions and timely deliveries.
UFASER has based all its services on the customer satisfaction in line with quality management philosophy.
Adopting customer satisfaction as a principle, UFASER has been conducting its activities firstly by quality philosophy for the sustainability of the aforementioned features, as well as been rendering its services towards the aim of a higher quality in the sector.


* Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

* To work without making any compromise from the quality of our products and services.

* To do more quality business than our competitors, and to possess the capability to compete.

* To provide technical assistance beside the works being done.

* To conduct continuous improvements, as well as to do the best with the lowest cost.

* Not to compromise from trustworthiness at the service sector.

* To pay utmost attention to training, thus to train our employees.


*** Any type of machinery manufacture, and spare-parts industry.
*** Advertising, architecture, and engineering fields.
*** Vessel and yacht spare-parts industry.
*** Elevator machinery manufacture, spare-parts industry.
*** Machineries for medical devices, and their spare-parts industry.
*** Construction machinery manufacture, spare-parts industry.